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3 Reasons to Allow Tango into Your Life

Today Tango regains its popularity and we are not surprised of it, because this dance is a legend. Tango combines so many features and bring so many opportunities that a person who starts to learn Tango, will not stop, as every lesson brings something new and amazing.

Tango will be able to become an inevitable part of your life because:

  1. This dance has a long and famous history.

The origins of Tango come from Argentina, and Argentinian Tango is one of the main streams of this dance. It is one of the most difficult dances for studying, but with help of good teachers everything is possible. There are modern ways to dance Tango and usually on all competitions the dancers perform more modern dance. The main difference of the dances is the way of connection – modern Tango connects from the waist down and Argentine – from the shoulders up. Though both dances are passionate, put emphasis on closeness and voluptuousness.

The story goes that the reason why the knees of dancers are always bent is that the first people to dance Tango were South American cowboys called Gouchos. They had crooked legs because of constant horse riding.

  1. Tango is a sheer passion.

Despite the fact that in original the dance was performed mostly by men, the dance has transformed into romantic dance that helps to show your feelings. Every step means something and every move expresses your feeling. The dance allows man to lead a lady so that she feels his power and he guides her. The whole dance is a passion in a motion, some may even say that it looks like a horizontal sex. A couple who knows how to Tango will leave everybody really impressed.

  1. Not many people really know how to dance Tango

Dancing today is a rare art, you cannot find many people who can dance Tango, so you can use this to your advantage to stand out from the crowd. Tango can become your way to say something important to your special one and for some moment you can leave people around breathless with your performance. The dance is the best way to show your confidence, your secret talents and passion.