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Things to Remember When Applying to Dancing College

All students in some way participate in college preparation, whether they are selecting the college or writing an essay already. Some students, in addition to traditional preparations, have some more things to plan, for example, dancers have to prepare for the dance department audition.

If you are a dancer and you are going to apply for a college, consider these crucial steps:

  1. Plan everything ahead. If you have a possibility to attend a summer intensive in a school you want to study in, do not neglect it. As a result, you will get a cleat notion what this school expects from students and a great way to have a closer look on your future faculty.
  2. Get acquainted with the audience in all dance departments you will be auditioned. Take into consideration that every school has certain specialization so departments have particular expectations from the future students. Knowledge of the audience will help you to be prepared to any assignment that you can get at the audition.
  3. Preparing a solo. Before you pack the solo with style and tricks, stop and think. This is not what your evaluators expect, trust us, they have seen a lot. They want you to show solid foundation and ability to work hard. The dance should be clean and flawless – do not try to fill your solo with acrobatic tricks. It is advisable to show your solo to your teacher first and ask for professional opinion as there might be elements that require polishing.
  4. Organize the process. There are three months when auditions take place. By clever planning you can save both time and money on travelling so look through the calendar and map of auditions attentively. If there is a possibility to send a video of your dance, you can take an advantage of it. On the one hand, some dynamics of the dance will be lost. On the other, officers of the dance department will have a possibility to look through your work for several times, if necessary. More than that, you get a chance to perform your solo for several times and select the best one.
  5. Do not disregard application essay, especially when you are applying to a large educational establishment like university. Admission officers will look through your common application essay – and in most cases these people know nothing about dances. Use a chance to combine your artistic experience with academic successes and write about it – it is always a plus.