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5 Things You Should Know about Tango

The Definition of Tango

This dance pleases the eye, has sensuous temperament and is considered to be a ballroom dance which story began in the early 20th century in South America. This dance is performed by a couple and expresses the feelings in their movements. However, at the beginning of a story the dance was performed by women only and with the development of the dance it became a dance for a man and woman. Through years the dance claims momentum. Argentinian Tango is perfect for performing in small settings and is more passionate and heartful than Modern Tango.

Tango Styles

Main distinction of the styles of tango is an embrace of the couple and a space between them. In general, this dance is performed in open embrace with a space between man and woman. The other variations provide close embrace. That means that the hips or chests of the couple will be connected.
“Ballroom tango” is something like a dance style that is distinguished by strong, dramatic head snaps.

Tango Techniques

The music for tango is repetitive with 16 or 32 beats. When dancing, a man holds a lady in the crook of arm and leads her around in a curving patter. The lady puts her right hand on the partner’s lower hip. It is crucial for dancers to keep track of music and watch the reaction of the audience.

Where to Learn how to Dance Tango?

The best way to learn how to dance tango is to attend dance studios somewhere in your location. The dance is really quick to learn so even newcomers are able to learn in quickly. If you don’t want to visit the studios, you may consider watching video courses, available online. However, consider attending at least a few classes as nothing can replace the live instructions.

Tango History

The history of ballroom tango started in work-class Buenos Aires and then spread to the Europe during the beginning of twentieth century. In 1910 the dance first appeared in New York and grows in popularity every year since.Films Showcasing Tango – Tango was shown in famous Hollywood films like Scent of a Woman, Take the Lead, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, True Lies, Shall We Dance, and Frida.