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Mobile Apps that May Come in Handy to Dance Teachers

There is an app for that

Well-known moto of the App Store “There is an app for that” refers to every sphere of our life and dance is not an exception. There are so many apps that searching for the most helpful reminds looking for a needle in a bundle of hay. It will be much faster and easier to read this article where we have gathered the best iPad and iPhone apps that any dance teacher will duly appreciate.

Coach’s Eye

No one can underestimate a possibility to slow down the motion of the video and analyze the movements of the students, boosting the effectiveness of rehearsals and training. Any detail will be missed with help of slow motion video as it will be clear what moves need correction.

YouTube Capture

This app will be especially useful for those who make dance tutorials for YouTube. With its help it is possible to skip all time-taking procedures of syncing and loading the video. You simply record the video, edit it on screen and upload it to YouTube.


Any new inspiring song will be lost out of your sight because you don’t know the artist or band that performed it. Let Shazam listen to the song for a few seconds and it will give you all-encompassing information about it: a performer, name of the song and album and in some cases, places where it is possible to purchase it.


Do not be surprised by this selection, this app is a perfect source of inspiration, searching for something new, way to communicate with former students and friends.

ITalk Recorder

User-friendly and straightforward app for voice recording. Play the song, start recording while watching students dance and record your critiques to be able to compare their success afterwards.

Ballet Lite

In fact, it is an explanatory app that proposes well-rounded information about ballet terminology, spelling and correct technique.


Great app that enables teachers and dancers to plan the dance when listening to the song –just make signs, notes or drawings along the timeline. The projects created here are shareable.


Great app when you are travelling – it will show all locations related to dance around you (studios, performance theaters, dance wear shops etc.)