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Entertaining and Educational Tango Apps for iPhone

Useful iPhone Apps for Tango Classes

With help of numerous applications your Apple handheld device can become a tutor of tango or a communication unit for admirers of this beautiful dance. Here is a list of spectacular, educational and entertaining Tango apps for iPhone:

  1. Do You Tango? This application is perfect for people who want to easily start conversation with strangers. With help of this app it is possible to exchange information between two parties easily and quickly.
  2. DanceApp Tango Starter. This application gives general knowledge concerning basic types of movements, and shows some movements that will be perfect for weddings and parties. This application is not just about tango, here you can learn also rumba, waltz and East Coast swing. The app takes information from more than 200 resources and proposes simple but effective video tutorials and understandable guide for dance steps with help of which you will be able to learn quickly.
  3. Desi Tango. This application adds Bollywood twist to modern tango moves. Here you will be able to find music for dancing tango and numerous radio stations that air tang music. The app is possible to use in offline regime and is linked to ShoutCast. The updates of the app come with complete URLs.
  4. Ballroom Dancing for Beginners&Intermediates. With help of this app beginners can study how to dance tango as the app proposes easy to follow tutorials. You can buy favorite tracks for tango – all songs are performed by Cantovano and his Orchestra. If something is unclear to you, it is possible to contact the Support team of the app, as it is available around the clock.
  5. Learn Argentine Tango (Volume 1). This kind of tango is not as easy as it seems though with help of this app the process of learning will become more productive. The step-by-step tutorials accompanied by songs performed by Alex Krebs will assist you in learning.
  6. Tranxgo is a combination of tango and electronic music with video courses and spectacular images.