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Our purpose is to join individuals who share one common interest and passion for Argentine Tango. Here you can learn about the philosophy of tango and the origins of this magic dance. Find out who the best and most talented tango dancers are. Watch the videos of their performances. Receive the latest information about the upcoming events in the world of Argentine Tango.

They say tango is love in its purest form. It is full of lust, desire and sensuality that you simply cannot hide once you feel the arms of your partner embracing you gently and passionately. As soon as you hear the first tantalizing sounds of the beautiful music, you forget all about who you are or where you are and throw yourself in the magic whirl of dance.

Here you will be able to learn everything about this passionate dance, from its origins to modern trends. We provide all-encompassing information about the best masters in this sphere. Watch videos, look through the photographs of the dancers to learn something new and get inspired.

Dancing Tango to Protect Children Worldwide

Tango Port supports and does its best to protect children worldwide. We have incentives to engage kids in the magic of the dance so as to educate a talented and many-sided generation. Taking care of our most precious ones, we encourage app to monitor kids phone and to safe them from the cradle.

Parental control applications are irreplaceable helpers of the parents to remotely monitor and manage the online and cell phone activities of the child so there is no need to worry that kids will be able to browse through the Internet and find something inappropriate.

Parents can also assure themselves that when their kids are supposed to be in the dancing classes, they are really attend them, as there is a possibility to track the location of the child with help of the tracking features of the parental control app. Do not deprive yourself of a pleasure of dancing tango – dance and enjoy dancing and you still will keep track of all activities of your children.

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